AJ2016 3D Photo Gallery

AJ2013 3D HandsWelcome to our photo gallery of 3D photographs. These 'Spacial Photographs' were taken by a photographer using a special app to capture and share an interactive representation of the real world with an enhanced depth or three dimensions. The action can be slowed down and with the cooperation of scouts, the action can even be halted to create a frozen 3D photograph that records a moment in time. Basically it looks really cool.

Depending on your device, you can use your mouse on a computer to activate the Interactive view. If you are using a smart phone, just using your finger, tilting the screen or turning around can allow you to zoom and move around each of these photographs.

Click on any image below to view or click the following link to view the entire 3D gallery for AJ2016.
[If you've seen one here before and it's not visible this is the place to re-find it]