Troops & Leaders Resources

Leader Handook

Download the AJ2016 Leader Handbook here:

AJ2016 Site Maps

Below are copies of the AJ2016 site maps for Cataract Park. Please contact Admin for the latest versions of the maps.

Troop Catering Handbook

What’s on the menu is one of the most important questions asked by Scouts headed to the Jamboree. You can now find out!

The Troop Catering Handbook contains the Jamboree menu, chef’s notes, information for special diets and even a food joke for each day of the Jamboree.

Jamboree Troop Leaders and Quartermasters should be making themselves familiar with this important document.

For those Scouts with culinary aspirations to become the next Junior Masterchef, you can find out what ingredients are coming each day, and perhaps you can work out a way for your duty patrol to add some flair to your Jamboree fare!

Health Tips

Taking care of your health at the Jamboree is important, as in a large camping environment like the Jamboree, little problems can quickly turn into big ones affecting entire Jamboree Troops.

To assist with helping you know how to take care of your health while at Camp, Troops will be receiving a Health Tips Factsheet Set.

The Fact Sheets include:

  1. Washing your hands – visibly dirty
  2. Sanitising your hands with handrub gel
  3. Food Storage
  4. Kitchen layout and organisation
  5. Hand washing stations
  6. Dish washing
  7. Food preparation
  8. Gas safety
  9. A safe site is a happy site
  10. Living with nature – Australian nasties
  11. Hydration and heat
  12. Clean body, clean clothes, healthy camper
  13. Waste water sullage pits
  14. I feel sick…
  15. Special dietary requirements
  16. Powered medical devices / CPAP machines

Religious Observation Centre

During AJ2016, ROC will be run as part of the troop lines encouraging each troop, or patrol, or individual scout to participate in a Scouts Own during the Jamboree.

Each Troop Leader is encouraged to include the ‘Duty to God’ component of Scouting as part of troop life at AJ2016. The Duty to God component of the program will be delivered as a Scouts Own in the troop with involvement and participation of the youth members.
Each Troop Leader is responsible for ensuring the Scouts Own occurs and is given some discretion as to the content and timing over the Jamboree, as is appropriate to the members of the troop.

At previous Jamborees, ROC was a venue each scout could visit. The physical location of ROC is within the troop lines for AJ2016, rather than an activity location.

To support each Troop Leader, sample Scouts Owns are included in this document, on-line and from the Program Office at AJ2016. AJ2016 has appointed a ROC Coordinator, who will be on site during the event. He may be contacted for specific issues related to faith or assistance with a Scouts Own.

During the central weekend Friday 8th January – Sunday 10th January, services will be led for some faiths. Details of these will be advertised in the Jamboree newspaper and at each Sub Camp. The venue for these services will be at the Cataract Scout Park Chapel, near the giant swing, just beyond B1. A wet weather alternate venue will be provided and details will be displayed at each Sub Camp.

For more information on the Religious Observation Centre resources during the Jamboree download the AJ2016 ROC Resource Book.