Mail Contacts

Pre Jamboree

PO Box 125 Lidcombe NSW 1825

During the Jamboree

During the Jamboree, there will be a post office on site – AJ2016 will be the size of a major regional town for the two weeks of the Jamboree, so the post office is one of many services available on site. We’ll have a daily mail service coming in to deliver to participants.

To post mail to Jamboree attendees, please address it clearly with the attendee’s name and Jamboree Troop, or to the Jamboree Contingent if the mail is to a service leader not with a Troop.

<Attendee Name>
Jamboree Troop <A123>
PO Box 222
Picton NSW 2571

Jamboree Executive Committee

Chief Director Terry Brooke
Camp Chief Doug Menzies
Deputy Chief Director Damien Ryan
Executive Director – Contingents Jan Goodall
Adult Resources and Administration Director Elston Hynd
Program Director Bryan Davison
Sites and Services Director Micheal Wright
Logistics Director Andrew Millen
Finance Director Greg Brown
Health Services Director Allan Kirkpatrick
Marketing and Communications Director Peter Oliver
Support Services Director Warren Goodall

Sub Camp Leaders

Sub CampSub Camp TypeNameEmail
Sub Camp A - The Kimberley Youth Sub Camp David Main
Sub Camp B - Cradle Mountain Venturer Sub Camp Tasman McManis
Sub Camp C - The Great Barrier Reef Youth Sub Camp Ken Millers
Sub Camp D - The Daintree Rainforest Youth Sub Camp John Tibbitts
Sub Camp F - Uluru Mall (Service Leaders) Geoff Sheehan


National Contingent Leader John Clarke
Australian Capital Territory Contingent Leader Peter Stevenson
New South Wales Contingent Leader Randall Jones
Northern Territory Contingent Leader Shane McCorkell
Queensland Contingent Leader Steve Marshall
South Australia Contingent Leader Cheryl Brady
Tasmania Contingent Leader Geoff Reynolds
Victoria Contingent Leader Joan Dillon
Western Australia Contingent Leader Ashley Lindorff

International Contingents

New Zealand Contingent Leader Graeme Hounsell