Super Saturday 9 January 2016

What is it?

Super Saturday is a major event at AJ2016 on Saturday 9 January 2016 from 9am at the Cataract Scout Park. The event is comprised of Visitors Day, Future Scout Day and Market Day. It’s an opportunity for parents, friends and to mingle with the AJ2016 troops. We invite them to spend time at the Mall, visit our Circus Show and Australiana Village. Future Scouts will also have the option to participate in Market Day and other selected activities. All visitors must be off-site at 5 PM, so that the Scouts have time to return to their site to prepare their evening meals and get ready for the evening activities.

Update: Remember there is no access to the site and parking until we open the gates at 9 AM. If you arrive too early there will be chaos. Please be patient and arrive at any time after 9 AM, there is ample parking available. Please remember your road rules and that this is a Scouting event. A Scout is considerate, respectful, and cares for the environment. You will be directed to your parking area space by our cheerful, friendly volunteers. Remember they will do the best for you that they can. There will be a shuttle bus service provided between your vehicles and the visitor entrance of Cataract Park. Future Scout Day packs are to be collected from the bus terminal [Designated at 'O' on the map] at the end of the Stock Road.

AJ2013 Super Saturday guitar scout David Chung

What does it cost?

The costs for regular visitors on this day will be $5, covering access to the site and some facilities. Future Scouts will also be able to receive a Special Day Pack which includes a Jamboree Badge, an embroidered souvenir blanket and access to the Jamboree site for a special $15 registration. If you have any questions or queries please contact

Where is it?

Before you come, you should understand that our site is very large and there are many things to see and do. Download a copy of the Super Saturday information pack and read this in conjunction with the Super Saturday Visitors map before you come.

Download: AJ2016 Super Saturday Visitors Map & Welcome Information

Getting to Cataract Scout Park

Cataract Scout Park is at Baden Powell Drive, Appin NSW. It is approximately 80km or 1 hour drive south of Sydney. The remote setting limits public transport options.

Future Scouts from NSW & ACT Branches: Arrangements are being made through NSW Regions and ACT Branch for Cub Scout and Joey Scouts and their parents to travel by buses. Travel on these buses will be one of the easiest ways to get to Super Saturday as they will unload directly onto the site, minimising time delays and long distance walks. Parents should make enquiries with your Scout Group’s Cub and Joey leaders who can in turn speak to their Region Commissioner Cub Scouts. There will be additional charges to cover the cost of the bus which will be collected by the organisers from NSW / ACT.

Other Visitors: General visitors are able to make their own way to the event by car. There will be parking available at the site on Baden Powell Drive and a shuttle bus service will be provided to assist people from their vehicles to the entrance of Cataract Park. Historically, large numbers of people attend on Super Saturday so carpooling is strongly recommended. If you have a large party you could consider chartering a bus.

Staying near Cataract Scout Park

Appin is a relatively small town with limited accommodation. The suburb Campbelltown is approximately 15kms from Appin and has a variety of hotels. Alternatively, the town of Wollongong provides accommodation in a lovely beachside setting with a variety of water activities approximately 30 minutes from Appin.